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Hello and Welcome!!!

Please allow me to introduce myself and my company. My name is Doug Boyt and my company is White Rock Capital Solutions LLC. I have been involved in the Accounts Receivable Financing (Factoring) business for ten years. During this time I have worked both as a "broker" (finding deals to pass onto purchasers) and as an actual purchaser of Accounts Receivables.

I have extensive experience in some of the "tougher" fields of receivable financing such as Construction, Government and even Medical Receivables.

If you are looking to enhance the cash flow of your business, I would like to assist you in finding the best lender you can find. The factoring business is full of "loop holes" and "extra (hidden) fees" that allow some lending sources to completely take advantage of their clients. I have never set up my own companies in this manner. I have always structured my pricing "up-front" with no hidden fees and I have been priced very competitively within each respective industry.

So whether you choose White Rock Capital Solutions LLC for your factoring needs or allow me personally to assist you in the process of finding a better solution for you cash flow needs, I know that I can help you through this process much more easily and save you money as well.

Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you.

Doug Boyt


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